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Protecting Our Local Waterways

Mercury Levels Dangerous to Women and Children   Watching the little silver balls of elemental mercury from a broken thermometer rolling across the floor once played an entertaining role in many of our childhoods. Now, our streams, creeks, lakes, and even our dinner plates expose us to the same element that for safety reasons has […]

Natural Awakenings Opens Community Center in Elizabeth

This September, the alternative health magazine Natural Awakenings launched a wellness based community center in the Elizabeth area. The 3,100 square foot historic building will provide holistic practitioners rooms for rent on an annual basis as well as two hourly rental rooms to accomodate small and medium sized groups. “Healing can occur anywhere. It is […]

Natural Network Gathering at Zada Jane’s on Sept 4th

Natural Awakenings Magazine presents a Natural Network Gathering on Thursday, Sept. 4th from 5:30-7:30pm at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe in Plaza Midwood. Open to all! Meet others interested in all things holistic at this fun social event. The magazine plans to offer Natural Network events on an ongoing basis to the general public. “We wanted to create a venue for […]

Charlotte News ~ June 2008 Clean Cars Program in NC, Full Moon Drumming, Talley’s Closes and more . . .

 Local News – June 2008 The Joshua Project: Old Traditions for Men Revived   For centuries in cultures around the globe, the transition from boyhood to manhood had been recognized and honored by the local community of men. The loss of that tradition has been a costly one in the modern era. The Joshua Project, […]

Gotta Have A Sweet Taste of India

Creative Cuisine The Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant By Lisa Moore For years I’ve heard about the great vegetarian Southern Indian cuisine The Woodlands cooks up. So I decided to leave the bubble of chain restaurants in my back yard and venture over to east Charlotte with some staff members to see if the buzz was true. […]

Moon Magic: Astrological Timing for Success

By Steve Nelson The Sun, our Star, is the source of all life on Earth, fueling our bodies (and cars) with energy captured by plants in photosynthesis. When wood or food calories burn, the solar energy bound in carbon rings is released as light and heat. We are literally solar powered in so many ways […]

Meet the Reader – Jonathan Winn of Breathe Bodywork

Who Reads Natural Awakenings? Jonathan Winn does! JOB: Owner of Breathe Bodywork | Massage Therapy StudioWhat do you consider to be healthy about your lifestyle? HOBBIES: Vintage furniture shopping and reading   I purchased a vintage Mercedes that runs on biodiesel.  At my massage studio I only use organic products and designed the interior using […]

Local guys capture the essence of body, mind and spirit

By Lisa Moore They cover all aspects of healthy living- fitness, art, sustainability, music, healing and spirituality. In tune with their many facets, five local men follow their passions and dreams to move their lives to another level. Gerald Moose: Let the Chi Set You Free Having always been drawn to the contemplative arts, Gerald […]

Master The Dream of Your Life

“Everything we do is based on agreements we have made,” says don Miguel Ruiz, “agreements with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life. But the most important agreements are the ones we make with our self. In these agreements we tell our self who we are, how to behave, what is possible, what is […]

Raindrop Therapy with Essential Oils

Balance the Body, Rejuvenate the Mind  Raindrop Therapy, an infusion of essential oils, energy work, reflexology, heat and tension relieving massage to the feet and back, was inspired by the Native American healing traditions of the Lakota Indians. These elegant, relaxing sessions work to connect the physical and energy bodies of an individual to facilitate […]