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ChiRunning – Combining modern physics and inner focus for pain free running

By Ana Maria King Jeanne Higgins grew up running.  She started at age seven when her brother bet her a dollar that she couldn’t run a mile without stopping. Twenty-five years later, Higgins’ ankles and hips began to rebel at the stress of running. For eight years she could not run without fighting the onset […]

Blowing the Whistle on Tea’s Health Benefits

Since tea was first discovered by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung around 2737 BC, it has been consumed as both a beverage and a medicine. Not only is tea soothing and delicious, but research indicates it offers important health benefits as well. So what makes tea good for the body?  It contains high levels of antioxidants […]

Latta Plantation Nature Center: An Eco-Vacation in Your Own Back Yard

By Lisa Moore Eager to escape the daily grind of the city for some greener pastures, but gas prices are keeping you home? You can both protect and admire the environment with a fun-filled trip for all ages to Latta Plantation Nature Center, located in Huntersville. A former cotton plantation owned by traveling merchant James […]

Energy Audits Can Reduce Utility Bills

Are You Ready for Winter? With cold weather right around the corner, it may be a good time to consider an energy audit of your home. By assessing how much energy your home consumes and taking measures to make your home more energy efficient, savings of up to 30% are possible on utility bills. An […]

Organ Donation – Giving the Gift of Life

By Lisa Moore For much of his life, Bill Katsanos struggled with the complications of Polycystic Kidney Disease, a progressive, incurable disease that is typically inherited. The 47-year-old Charlottean battled pain, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, frequent urination and a brain aneurysm that was luckily caught early. After a year and a half on dialysis, […]

Moon Magic – November 2008

Astrological Timing for Success We are all ready for a new month and November is a good one. In October the world was taken apart and now we put it back together again. The most important events this month are the Nov 7th mid-Scorpio ‘cross-quarter’ and the beginning of a new (brighter, lighter) Mayan year […]

Moon Magic – October 2008

Astrological Timing for Success The appearance of the New Moon crescent on September 30th signals the beginning of a 10 day / 9 night period celebrated in five different world cultures. Traditional Cherokees, Jews, Chinese, Hindus and followers of the old Greek Mysteries believe this is the time each year when the world is recreated. […]

Protecting Our Local Waterways

Mercury Levels Dangerous to Women and Children   Watching the little silver balls of elemental mercury from a broken thermometer rolling across the floor once played an entertaining role in many of our childhoods. Now, our streams, creeks, lakes, and even our dinner plates expose us to the same element that for safety reasons has […]

Natural Awakenings Opens Community Center in Elizabeth

This September, the alternative health magazine Natural Awakenings launched a wellness based community center in the Elizabeth area. The 3,100 square foot historic building will provide holistic practitioners rooms for rent on an annual basis as well as two hourly rental rooms to accomodate small and medium sized groups. “Healing can occur anywhere. It is […]

Natural Network Gathering at Zada Jane’s on Sept 4th

Natural Awakenings Magazine presents a Natural Network Gathering on Thursday, Sept. 4th from 5:30-7:30pm at Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe in Plaza Midwood. Open to all! Meet others interested in all things holistic at this fun social event. The magazine plans to offer Natural Network events on an ongoing basis to the general public. “We wanted to create a venue for […]