Fitness Myths Debunked

11 Vital Truths by Lynda Bassett The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has concluded that more than a third of Americans today are overweight. Yet it also reports that at least 30 percent of us don’t exercise at all, perhaps partly due to persistent fitness myths. Myth 1: Lack of Opportunity Even […]

Beyond Cholesterol

How Triglycerides Take a Toll by James Occhiogrosso For many adults, an annual physical involves routine blood tests, followed by a discussion of cholesterol and blood pressure numbers, along with prescribed treatment ranging from improved nutrition and exercise to drugs. Triglycerides tend to be relegated to a minor mention—if they are discussed at all—yet regulating […]

Spring Green Rehab

Give Your Home the Green Light Today by Crissy Trask Wake up walls, make over countertops … everything you need to rejuvenate your home environment is right here. With Mother Nature beautifully transforming our outdoor environment this time of year, it’s only natural to feel inspired to rejuvenate our indoor environment, too. Given this natural […]

Urban Gardening Takes Root

Feeding Ourselves Well by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist In just one-twelfth of an acre, including lots of paths and a compost heap, our family grows the vast majority of the fresh vegetables we need, plus a decent chunk of our fruits and berries,” says Erica Strauss. “It’s not a huge garden, but we […]

Bodywork Goes Mainstream: Helpful Access Points to Health

by Linda Sechrist The seed holds within itself hints of its magnificent maturity. So it is with the practice of whole-person health care, which has matured in language, sophistication, credibility and acceptance. In a single generation, we’ve seen its presence grow from the outer edges of holistic and alternative wellness to complementary and integrative health […]

Moon Magic: Astrological Timing for Success – February 2013

The New Year, seeded at Winter Solstice, comes to consciousness at Candlemas (Feb 1-3), the Winter Cross-Quarter. The emerging New Year spirit quickens to awareness through Candlemas fire, the Lunar New Year (Feb 10-25) and Carnival (until Feb 3-13) celebrations. Carnival is when the “dragon” of our passionate nature is awakened that will be trained […]

Moon Magic: Astrological Timing for Success – January 2013

The New Year time spirit seeded at Winter Solstice comes to creative expression through the 12 days of Yule culminating with Epiphany Jan 6. The 12 Days of Christmas or Yuletide is the New Year in embryo, dreams of these 12 nights portend what will be in the 12 months of the coming year. The […]

Fracking Wrecks America’s Bedrock: Clear and Present Dangers

by Sandra Steingraber Under the misleading banner of clean and green, the global natural gas rush is on, and nowhere more so than in the United States. We are literally shattering America’s bedrock to bring methane out of the Earth and consuming enormous quantities of precious fresh water to do so, without any clear knowledge […]

No Dust on the Mirror: Reflections on a Life of Conscious Wholeness

by Michael Bernard Beckwith We spend a good deal of time gazing at ourselves in a mirror with the physical eye, as well as into the mirror of our mind with an analytical eye, endeavoring to size ourselves up in our own estimation, and also determining how others might evaluate us. Both of these mirrors […]

Sustainable Weight Loss: Five Secrets for Feeling Like Yourself Again

by Judith Fertig Starting in the 1970s, natural foods advocate and journalist Kathleen Barnes, of Brevard, North Carolina, avidly practiced vegetarianism, yet through the years she still gained weight. Searching for answers, she shared her findings in an array of books that include 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health: A Take Charge Plan for Women (co-authored […]