MOON MAGIC: Astrological Timing for Success

August 2012 This month the Sun, the Moon and all the cosmic forces come together to help us realize our life dreams. Key to our Self-realizing is the Aug 6-7 mid-Leo Lammas celebration and the ongoing dance of the planets and stars. August begins with Leo Sun in fortunate trine with Uranus and Athena allied […]

Guided Camping Adventures with Dana Mims

The great outdoors is in Dana Mims’ DNA. She grew up camping with her parents and five siblings and never stayed in a hotel until she was 18 years old. “I still prefer a tent any day. I started taking my kids camping right from the get go. Through the years they would bring numerous […]

Astrological Timing for Success – July 2012

 MOON MAGIC by Steve Nelson July begins with a fortunate Grand Trine of Moon, Mercury and Uranus in fire signs making a Kite with “the great benefics” Venus and Jupiter at the top conjunct Ceres, the goddess of plenty with her overflowing cornucopia. This abundance can be ours as we follow the dance of the […]

Day Trippin’ in Carolina

By Lisa Moore It’s the peak of summer now – hot, humid and the kids are tired of going to the pool. This is a great time to eliminate summer boredom and explore the unique and fun-filled destinations within a few hours from Charlotte. Take a look some of the vast entertainment options the Carolinas […]

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Improving the welfare of dogs living outdoors on chains by Lisa Moore Rambo, Sheba and Turbo spent the first part of their lives chained outside, unable to do the things that dogs naturally love –  chasing squirrels, sniffing everything in sight and playfully romping around. But thanks to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, they now […]

Three Weeks to Wellness Cleanse

Offers Transformative Results with Community Support In 2008, Elle Palmer attended Dr. John McDougall’s 10-day wellness program in Santa Rosa, California, that focused on a plant-based diet. What she learned there proved to be life-changing: she lost 20 pounds, lowered her cholesterol by 60 points, jumpstarted her immune system, got rid of chronic headaches and […]

Empowering People to Make Positive Changes

 Dr. Matt Lyon uses mind-body healing for radical wellness By Lisa Moore Dr. Matt Lyon, D.C, owner of Network Wellness Charlotte, has helped thousands of people across the USA and Europe awaken to more meaningful lives though Network Spinal Analysis, a modality that uses gentle, precise touch to the spine to cue the brain to […]

Natural Profile: Shannon Binns of Sustain Charlotte

Growing up in rural Iowa, Shannon Binns spent much of his childhood playing in the woods and creek near his home and growing food in a neighborhood garden. He acknowledges his mother’s appreciation for nature and all things wild as having a lasting influence on him. But reading David Orr’s book Earth in Mind in […]

Dear Heart Offers Conscious Clothing

Dear Heart and Company, an online clothing store, sells recycled, vintage, and hand made apparel. The company encourages mindfulness and spurs an outreach beyond the fashion community, tying style to that which is vital. Production of apparel or soft goods can be very taxing to the planet. Dear Heart’s clothes have been bought second hand, donated, or […]

Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes

Increasing lean muscle mass—known to be a key in fighting frailty associated with aging (a condition called sarcopenia)—may also help protect against diabetes. A new study reports that every additional 10 percent of skeletal muscle mass is associated with reductions of 11 percent in insulin resistance and 12 percent in prediabetes or diabetes. Dr. Preethi […]