Banishing Wheat Belly – The Drawbacks of a Wheat-Dominated Diet

by Lee Walker Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health, is a preventive cardiologist who has gone against the grain to expose yet another genetically engineered monstrosity, shedding light on the dark side of today’s commercial wheat crops. What made you suspect […]

Functional Medicine Taking the Whole Toolbox Approach

by Kathleen Barnes Once called “alternative” medicine, then “holistic” or “complementary” and later “integrative”, the newest evolution is “functional” medicine, designed to search out the underlying causes of illnesses in order to carry out effective treatment. “Conventional medicine is like a carpenter that only has a hammer to work with, while functional medicine doctors are […]

No GMOs – Stop Monsanto’s Attacks on Safe Food Laws

Beyond continuing its well-documented opposition to genetically modified (GMO) labeling laws in order to protect its corporate interests, Monsanto has recently launched aggressive backdoor attacks on organic and non-GMO farmers and consumers. The corporation’s rider attached to the U.S. House of Representatives’ 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill would allow planting of new genetically engineered (GE) crops—even […]

Can Parents Teach Peace?

A recent study suggests they can. Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, and the University of Illinois system studied more than 5,500 students at 37 middle schools, focusing on this age group because aggressive behavior tends to escalate during the transition from childhood to adolescence. The researchers found that violent behavior in general increased […]

20-Second Trust Factor

First impressions not only count—they are surprisingly accurate, at least when it comes to detecting whether a stranger is “made” to be compassionate, trustworthy or kind. New research by the University of California, Berkeley suggests that it can take just 20 seconds to recognize who is genetically so inclined. Two dozen couples participated in the […]

MOON MAGIC: Astrological Timing for Success

August 2012 This month the Sun, the Moon and all the cosmic forces come together to help us realize our life dreams. Key to our Self-realizing is the Aug 6-7 mid-Leo Lammas celebration and the ongoing dance of the planets and stars. August begins with Leo Sun in fortunate trine with Uranus and Athena allied […]

Guided Camping Adventures with Dana Mims

The great outdoors is in Dana Mims’ DNA. She grew up camping with her parents and five siblings and never stayed in a hotel until she was 18 years old. “I still prefer a tent any day. I started taking my kids camping right from the get go. Through the years they would bring numerous […]

Astrological Timing for Success – July 2012

 MOON MAGIC by Steve Nelson July begins with a fortunate Grand Trine of Moon, Mercury and Uranus in fire signs making a Kite with “the great benefics” Venus and Jupiter at the top conjunct Ceres, the goddess of plenty with her overflowing cornucopia. This abundance can be ours as we follow the dance of the […]

Day Trippin’ in Carolina

By Lisa Moore It’s the peak of summer now – hot, humid and the kids are tired of going to the pool. This is a great time to eliminate summer boredom and explore the unique and fun-filled destinations within a few hours from Charlotte. Take a look some of the vast entertainment options the Carolinas […]

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Improving the welfare of dogs living outdoors on chains by Lisa Moore Rambo, Sheba and Turbo spent the first part of their lives chained outside, unable to do the things that dogs naturally love –  chasing squirrels, sniffing everything in sight and playfully romping around. But thanks to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, they now […]