Empowering People to Make Positive Changes

 Dr. Matt Lyon uses mind-body healing for radical wellness By Lisa Moore Dr. Matt Lyon, D.C, owner of Network Wellness Charlotte, has helped thousands of people across the USA and Europe awaken to more meaningful lives though Network Spinal Analysis, a modality that uses gentle, precise touch to the spine to cue the brain to […]

Natural Profile: Shannon Binns of Sustain Charlotte

Growing up in rural Iowa, Shannon Binns spent much of his childhood playing in the woods and creek near his home and growing food in a neighborhood garden. He acknowledges his mother’s appreciation for nature and all things wild as having a lasting influence on him. But reading David Orr’s book Earth in Mind in […]

Dear Heart Offers Conscious Clothing

Dear Heart and Company, an online clothing store, sells recycled, vintage, and hand made apparel. The company encourages mindfulness and spurs an outreach beyond the fashion community, tying style to that which is vital. Production of apparel or soft goods can be very taxing to the planet. Dear Heart’s clothes have been bought second hand, donated, or […]

Build Muscles to Beat Diabetes

Increasing lean muscle mass—known to be a key in fighting frailty associated with aging (a condition called sarcopenia)—may also help protect against diabetes. A new study reports that every additional 10 percent of skeletal muscle mass is associated with reductions of 11 percent in insulin resistance and 12 percent in prediabetes or diabetes. Dr. Preethi […]

Eggs’ Sunny Upside

Often considered one of nature’s most perfect foods, eggs are an excellent source of protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals. Now, researchers at the University of Alberta, in Canada, have discovered that they also contain antioxidant properties that help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Jianping Wu and his team of researchers at the […]

Juggling Bumps Up Brainpower

Can rhythmically tossing and catching balls in the air help grow the brain? Researchers from the Universität Regensburg, in Germany, after studying two dozen people using brain scans, say yes. Half were asked to learn to juggle; the others were given no special instructions. After three months, the brains of the jugglers had grown by […]


Astrological Timing for Success – June 2012 The most Earth shaking events this month are the June 4 Full Moon Eclipse, the June 5-6 Venus Transit and the June 19 Solstice New Moon that aligns with Betelgeuse, the great star of transition into the New Age. June begins in an eclipse cycle that started with […]

Zen by Jenn Opens in Cornelius

Zen by Jenn recently opened to offer residents of the Cornelius area a quiet, blissful retreat to achieve total relaxation and a feeling of euphoric rejuvenation. The center provides customized massage, facials, specialty masks and a soothing array of body treatments for detoxification and nourishment. A great referral incentive makes regular visits affordable. Come experience […]

Primordial Healing Qigong Seminar May 12-13

The Elixir Qigong Center is offering a unique healing and fitness Qigong form that has been handed down by Taoist masters in the Wudang Temple of China for 900 years. This form combines graceful, circular movements synchronized with the breath, cultivating the energies of the five elements, and Qigong meditation to reach deep levels of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The […]

Moon Magic: Astrological Timing for Success

MARCH 2012 2012 actually begins Mar 20 when the Sun enters Aries, then the prophecies begin to be realized. A new cycle of creation is beginning when our lifelong dreams and dreams of the world can be realized. Old world traditions teach how the vital energy of Spring is united with the soul to create […]